PrePlayed in Green Bay is Now Hiring

We are open for in store shopping and selling!

Curbside / Shipping available for all customers by phone or online at

PrePlayed COVID-19 Policies:
Masks are optional for fully vaccinated customers and staff. To Social Distance - Please stay at least 6 ft from those not in your group. Hand sanitizer available at each entrance and at check out

Resurfacing & Repairs

At PrePlayed, we can repair CDs, DVDs, and video game discs & cartridges with light to moderate scratches. We are able to repair Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, all Game Boy cartridges, and all Sega cartridges. Each cleaning costs $2.75 plus tax per disc, but is free with proof of purchase. Additionally, we can replace game cartridge batteries and we can also refurbish your NES to factory specs.

CD Recycling

PrePlayed is proud to be a drop-off center for the CD Recycling Center of America. As a drop-off center, we will take in your unrepairable optical discs for recycling. Limit is 20 discs per visit.